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2010 hosted mail services for your business

Microsoft Exchange Server has traditionally been used by very large corporations to increase productivity and communications.


Many businesses cannot afford to hire IT staff to "babysit" their Exchange and IT networks.

Do you or your colleagues have to collaborate as a team and share information in the office or on the road? Would you like your company to send more efficient and professional e-mail? Or would you like to enhance information sharing between colleagues and customers? Our Business e-mail packages based on Hosted Exchange 2007 provide simple access to e-mail accounts, shared contacts and address books.

  • Access to your mail, agenda, contacts, tasks and files from anywhere Via your PC, Smartphone, PDA or Internet browser or via voice access by phone
  • Sharing of files, address book, agenda and tasks with colleagues
  • Top notch protection and excellent performance
  • True Collaboration by use of Outlook, Web and Portal based technologies