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Hosted applications as a service

ICTG delivers valuable information from your existing systems by developing the back-end “engines” and front-end dashboards, reports for collecting, processing, and transforming your business data. As part of our service, we analyze your current database and systems in detail to determine what data needs to be converted and how data relationships should be defined to maintain the best aspects of existing functionality.

We provide the needed hosting required to manage the application so your business doesn't have to.

Cloud based remote office

Remote sites such as regional offices, retail stores and bank branches present unique challenges for IT organizations. Management complexity, inadequate infrastructure and a lack of administrative resources can make it difficult for companies to deliver consistent and scalable IT services to their remote offices in a timely manner. Virtualization is a great way to address these issues, and ICTG partnered with Northland Communications offers solutions for remote and branch office management that will help you:



Reduce IT hardware and operating costs for servers and desktops

With the use of Thinclients (computers that have no moving parts) your office's IT budget will be reduced while utlizing existing equipment as desktop upgrades are the thing of the past.  With hosted desktops and remove desktop services, all your applications are stored securely in Northland's data center.

Simplify IT management and accelerate provisioning of remote systems

Any device can be made to access your desktop virtually. 
Supported platforms currently being used consist of:

  • Android tablets and phones
  • Aged Windows PC computers (Even Windows 2000)
  • Apple Macintosh Computers and tablets/phones
  • Thinclients and diskless workstations

Ensure always-on availability and recover quickly from disasters

Because all applications and data are stored in the cloud, recovery and costs associated to backup solutions are no longer needed.  With snapshot technologies, recovery of files or complete server failure can be recovered within minutes.  No more hour waits.


Example Hosted Applications

Customer Relation

Online Timesheets
and Time Entry

Newsletter and
Mass Mailing Systems
Secure File Transfer Tools
Article and
Calendar Systems