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Building Your Next Website or Portal system?

ICTG is a premier DotNetNuke solution provider... we host 95% of our websites using this powerful Content Management System (CMS).

Premier DotNetNuke Experts
DotNetNuke is open-sourced. Free... doesnt require a license fee or installation process.

With over 10 Years Experience working with DotNetNuke, ICTG provides powerful hosting using DotNetNuke on all its websites.

NOTE: A yearly hosting fee is required.

DotNetNuke makes it easy to update, manage and change your website without relying on IT support or experienced web developers.

Access to your website is easy and no other tool is needed to make changes.


Using DotNetNuke allows you to:

  • Share files with other users
  • Update pages and content through a Word like tool
  • Post Articles, Blogs or News Events
  • Open a Store and sell products

Work with ICTG on integrating the website into your business, Portal and Intranet technologies.

About DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is a flexible Web Content Management Platform which provides organizations with low start-up costs and rapid deployment times. The platform allows organizations to rapidly implement winning Web strategies by installing DotNetNuke apps to easily change and control the appearance and functionality of your web site.

The DotNetNuke Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition are highly affordable options that ensure you have technical support if you need it as well as additional product features which provide even greater control over the appearance and functionality of your web site. The Community Edition is available as a free download. The SharepointNUKE module from ICTG allows more robust communications from Sharepoint unline surpassing the Sharepoint connector available in the Enterprise Edition.  SharepointNUKE allows your organization to keep your files safe behind your firewall in SharePoint yet publish them cost effectively and securely to your DotNetNuke public web site, extranet or intranet.

Introduction to DotNetNuke CMS System

Brief review of the CMS system and its capabilities